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An accomplished copy writer, book reviewer and proof reader, Lizzie is never happier than sifting her way through the sackfuls of press releases that arrive in the LikeMe.net office, looking for the little gems. And we're certainly glad she's here.

Les Miserables: From Stage to Screen

With the success of Tom Hooper’s ‘Les Miserables’ being hard to miss it is no wonder that interest in everything to do with the story has spiked. From Victor Hugo’s initial novel, to the musical theatre adaptation and now to the film, it seems that [...] Read more »


The Massage How To For Couples: You Knead Me Series

Today’s world is full of numerous stresses and strains and at times it can feel impossible to take a moment and simply relax. I’m not saying that this is a new phenomenon and certainly in the past people have had valid reasons to be stressed, [...] Read more »


In Reply to 50 Shades of Grey: S.E.C.R.E.T by L. Marie. Adeline

Erotic fiction has always been a taboo subject that people read in secret and never admitted to in public, so when 50 Shades of Grey came out I was excited about the prospect of all this changing. Until I read it, that is. I’m not [...] Read more »

Pen Fit

Penitentiary Fitness: Unusual Yet Effective

Fitness and diet books are all too often boring and somehow when you’ve finished reading it you want nothing more than to devour a tub of full-fat ice cream and to never move again. It is often the case that people have the best of [...] Read more »

Stress Less Yoga

Julie Schoen: Stress Less Yoga

It seems to me that with every year that passes people are becoming more and more determined to accomplish their goals in life. Everywhere we look, in films, books and songs there are little reminders telling us to reach for our dreams and while in [...] Read more »

Murano Glass

Embracing Handmade Elegance with the New Murano Glass Collection from GlassOfVenice

There is something about Venice that is truly captivating and inspiring and these qualities are captured perfectly in the Murano Glass that is available in shops across the city. The first time I visited Venice I walked around with my mouth and eyes wide-open, shocked [...] Read more »


Preserving the Past with LegacyStories.org

I am a great lover of photographs and judging by the ridiculous amount of photos on Facebook, I’m not the only one. Rarely do we ever take a moment and think about why we are really taking them and just how much that image could [...] Read more »


New Year, New Dieting Solutions with Lean Cuisine Salad Additions

I would be extremely surprised if you don’t know at least one person who has professed to start 2013 with a new attitude to food. Whether that means being healthier, dropping a few pounds or undertaking a complete body makeover, New Year always seems to [...] Read more »


Eating Out Made Easy By The Purple Passport to New York City Restaurants

There are few people in this world who don’t enjoy eating out and this is because a good meal in a invigorating restaurant is such a treat. You don’t have to prepare anything or even do the washing up. You simply go somewhere nice and [...] Read more »


No More Holiday Excuses with Shawna Kaminski’s Travelling Workouts

Holidays are commonly a time for relaxing and eating whatever you want. This is the case whether it is Christmas or a week in the sunshine. Even if you have good intentions at the start, to use the pool and make healthy meal choices, very [...] Read more »

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