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Stephanie is a writer, blogger and editor from the North East of England. She's also a mummy and loves covering the latest toys and baby gear for us here at the new products blog.

Little Miss Magical Collection: Three Little Misses and the Big Bad Wolf

When I was a little person in the nineties, my mum had me reading by the age of two and a half. While my nursery classmates were reading simple books (‘This is red’ … ’The hat is red’) I was choosing my own literary conquests. [...] Read more »

promises after dark

Sadie Matthews’ Promises After Dark

When erotic fiction became popular, I was quick to dismiss it. Fifty Shades had some pretty terrible reviews didn’t it! For ages, I chose not to read them on the basis of ‘Why would I, Stephanie Ward, enthusiastic reader and harsh critic, want to waste [...] Read more »


Latest Dieting Trend: The 2-Day Diet by Dr Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell

Like so many around me, I am constantly searching for a suitable way to lose weight. I have the added obstacle of breastfeeding at the moment and so must wait until my son will take cows’ milk, but that has not stopped me looking for [...] Read more »


Dr Miriam @ Galt Traditional Toy Range

Galt Toys, award-winning specialists in educational toys for our tiny people, are one of my favourite toy companies for a number of reasons. They sell what I deem to be ‘proper toys’. They have an enormous range to suit from birth up to around 10 [...] Read more »


Astley Clarke Launch New Luxurious Colour Collection

Astley Clarke, exclusive luxury online-based designer jeweller, has launched a delicious new collection this month guaranteed to make your mouth water. The Colour collection aims to relaunch the gemstone as a vital part of a woman’s own unique style. Based in London, Astley Clarke was [...] Read more »

One of the pieces from the AR RED collection

Austin Reed and Spencer Hart Designer Collaborate for New AR RED Collection

I absolutely love a man in a suit. The male form, I believe, was made to be in tailored clothing, whether it is a slick suit jacket or a delicious tuxedo. It is a smart look, flattering, it never goes out of fashion, and can [...] Read more »

Steve Biddulph's Raising Girls

New Biddulph Book Raising Girls is a “Call-To-Arms” For Parents

Children can be completely bewildering at times. If them changing in their early years, going from being tiny and not being able to communicate to becoming the cheeky little four-year-old that waves goodbye at the school gate, wasn’t a big enough challenge, they then fall [...] Read more »

Errand Mamas

New Errand Running Service for Mums

Working and juggling our home lives can be difficult sometimes. Before I had children, I often came home to make a relaxing cuppa after a long day at work to find I had expired milk, no sugar, and half a spoonful of coffee left. I’d [...] Read more »

LittleFox Mascot

littlefox: the New Way to Get the Coolest Eco-Friendly Baby Bits

Are you one of the many parents who have tired themselves trying to find the best bits for your baby? littlefox has launched an innovative monthly subscription programme that might just be for you. As a parent, I know all about the trouble we have [...] Read more »

Inside the Marble Run

The Galt Mega Marble Run

As a parent, I find myself repulsed by the poor entertainment available to our children today. So many young ones find themselves plonked in front of the TV or a games console way before they should be, in my opinion. As for the programmes they [...] Read more »