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Bringing Back the Traditional ‘Play and Learn’ Games This Christmas With Eat to Win Games

Christmas is very nearly upon us and anyone with children will undoubtedly be rushing around (with a little help from Santa, of course!) for those last minute stocking fillers. When I was a child I always got the odd bit of chocolate, a couple of Satsumas and then some little toys to play with and keep me out of mischief. This usually meant something sensible that would cause the least amount of noise and mess while my mum rushed around preparing everything. Is it just me, or are children getting a little more demanding about what Santa ‘should’ bring them at Christmas? What’s more, as it is traditionally the time for excessive eating and stretchy waistbands, it never seems like the right time to teach your children about healthy eating and weight loss.

Well, whether your children are saints or cheeky trouble-makers the creators of Eat-to-Win have just made your lives a lot easier with their new line in flashcards and games. Finally, here is a game that will teach them a key lesson that will hopefully help to change the way they think about food and exercise.  They are suitable for children from preschool up to age 12, although adults have commented that they love playing them too. The flash cards can be played with on their own, with different packs for different ages, or they can be played alongside the FuNutritional board game.

The science behind the idea is simple.  Each player receives ‘fun dollars’ and each dollar equates to 1 calorie. So, if you land on food you have to pay with your dollars, but if you do an activity you can earn more dollars. The obesity problem that both America and the UK are facing is widely known, but what isn’t so well known is that weight loss is a simple matter of maths. Take in less calories than you need and burn off any excess and you’re on your way. Turning this fact into a game is an ingenious idea, because everyone knows you learn best when you’re having fun!

Unlike many TV shows and games that try to throw a life lesson into the entertainment, Eat to Win has turned out to be extremely popular. The reviews have been fantastic from both children and adults and everyone seems to enjoy it.  There are no complaints that it is patronising and everyone is engaging in both the fun and the educational sides of the game.

In my opinion Christmas is a time for working together and enjoying each other’s company. Board games might be a little old fashioned, but they do the job. It’s easy to forget how much fun they actually are and if it is something that the whole family can enjoy, then all the better!

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