"My Brother's Book"

Maurice Sendak – My Brother’s Book

Who stomped through your childhood, growling cantankerously, hiding, and sulking and being rowdy by turns? For me, the answer is some combination of either Fungus The Bogeyman, or Father Christmas as immortalised by Raymond Briggs; or a Wild Thing, imagined by Maurice Sendak. It’s funny, [...] Read more »

Pen Fit

Penitentiary Fitness: Unusual Yet Effective

Fitness and diet books are all too often boring and somehow when you’ve finished reading it you want nothing more than to devour a tub of full-fat ice cream and to never move again. It is often the case that people have the best of [...] Read more »

Woody Guthrie "House of Earth"

Woody Guthrie – A House of Earth

Graphic, bizarre, sex outdoors as a representation of fertility rites, a house literally made of earth, a people who have nothing yet are in harmony with nature – sounds suspiciously like a 60’s hippy rebirth book along the lines of Carlos Castaneda. But Woody Guthrie’s [...] Read more »

Stress Less Yoga

Julie Schoen: Stress Less Yoga

It seems to me that with every year that passes people are becoming more and more determined to accomplish their goals in life. Everywhere we look, in films, books and songs there are little reminders telling us to reach for our dreams and while in [...] Read more »

Benjamin Britten: A Life in the Twentieth Century

Paul Kildea – Benjamin Britten: A Life in the Twentieth Century

The publishers of Benjamin Britten: A Life in the Twentieth Century claim this is the definitive biography of the controversial genius many see as the only British composer of note for the last three centuries. Of course, there is already a raft of books on [...] Read more »

Hummingbird bakery

The Hummingbird Bakery – Home Sweet Home: 100 new recipes for baking brilliance

Every week I walk past the Hummingbird Bakery in Kensington, on my way to the V&A museum. Every week I think, “Hmm, perhaps I’ll grab a little morsel of deliciousness to enjoy before going to see an exhibition”. But then, every week I eye the [...] Read more »

Steve Biddulph's Raising Girls

New Biddulph Book Raising Girls is a “Call-To-Arms” For Parents

Children can be completely bewildering at times. If them changing in their early years, going from being tiny and not being able to communicate to becoming the cheeky little four-year-old that waves goodbye at the school gate, wasn’t a big enough challenge, they then fall [...] Read more »

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