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Contemporary style with the Peter Stone Jewellery Collection


Jewellery can be an intensely personal thing – whether it’s something for yourself or a gift for a loved one, having the right piece of jewellery can speak volumes about your personality and feelings.The finest detail – choosing the right stone, or the right shape, can make a huge difference. The latest range of collections from internationally renowned designer, Peter Stone brings a great variety of designs to find just that one perfect item – from patterns inspired by Celtic knots, to slick modern styles, cute charms and delicate stonework.

‘Knotted’ brings classic Celtic style with a refreshing twist – combining vibrant gemstones, including amethyst, emerald and garnet with familiar and well-loved designs like the Celtic thistle and Irish Claddagh. Having a choice of gemstones adds a great personalised touch – choose one of the classic designs with a different stone for each person, for a gift that can bring friends and family together.

peter stone product 1 The ‘Faith’ collection meanwhile is a take on classic Christian imagery – from Celtic crosses to Ichthys Jesus Fish. The abstract Icythys spiral patterns bring an elegant, minimalist and abstract touch – perfect for a symbolic gesture that is subtle and private, yet also richly meaningful, while ornate filigree crosses and cathedral styles add romance and drama.

For a more quirky take on jewellery, we love the ‘Dive’ collection – designed around a nautical theme, it features diving and sea-related imagery, from cute little angel fish and star fish, to novelty divers and snorkel masks. The selection of charms are perfect to add to a charm bracelet and build a collection, while other nautical themed styles like the flip flop and toe rings add a sea-breeze touch to any outfit.

peter stone product 2For a contemporary designer touch, check out the ‘Joia’ and ‘Blaque’ collections. ‘Joia’ features striking graphic shapes, from sleek cylinders topped off with a delicate star, to a refined pair of earrings made with a ribbon of twisted silver. The ‘Blaque’ collection meanwhile, brings bold, art deco style with gleaming black spinel gemstones to add a dramatic, dark touch. Combined with silver and gold accents, this is a memorable and unique collection.

Every item in the collection is made of silver, with a variety of coloured stones used with delicacy and style. Each piece is also cut to size and hand polished with care, with stones cut and in-laid to ensure a perfect fit. Peter Stone jewellery is more than just great design though – the collection also ensures ethical practices and well-crafted materials and handicraft. With such a wide selection to choose from, you’re certain to find the jewellery you’ve been dreaming of.

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