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DermaChromatic – Tackling Facial Redness


If you’re one of the 13 million people who suffer from facial redness, you’ll know just how annoying and distressing it can be. Facial redness can leave you feeling self-conscious and anxious, and the added worry can just exaggerate the problem. While there are thousands of products that claim to give a solution – most of them just don’t make any difference at all. So I’m intrigued to hear about the launch of DermaChromatic – a revolutionary product from PrecisionMD that uses a patented process to clear up facial redness.

Precision MD DermaChromatic uses copper-chlorophyllin anti-redness technology to neutralize the free radicals in skin that cause redness. It also helps to reduce pore size, and make skin tone more even, softer and firmer – giving you brighter, younger looking skin. Copper also helps reduce oiliness, giving you a gorgeous dewy complexion, without the awful greasiness.

It also works super-fast – DermaChromatic is formulated into tiny spheres called liposomes, which release the formula onto your skin gradually – this lets your skin respond to it naturally, using as much as it needs. Because of its non-greasy and gentle formula, it feels luxurious and light on your skin – with no heaviness, oil finish or residue. Being paraben-free, oil-free and fragrance-free – it won’t irritate your skin, and in fact, is suitable for all skin types.

precision md before after

DermaChronic Before and After

While it all sounds great – how do you know that it actually works? It’s reassuring to know that one of the inventors behind the product is a certified dermatologist, who’s seen real improvements in his own patients. David B. Vasily, one of DermaChromatic’s co-inventors, has seen patients enjoying a dramatic reduction of redness in their skin tone. And unlike many cosmetic brands that produce anti-redness products, the people behind DermaChromatic are experts in dealing with skin issues.  With a great range of medical expertise, 25 years of medical experience – and cutting edge technology behind it – it feels good to know that this is a product you can rely on.

Redness might seem like a trivial issue to some, but for those who suffer from it, it’s an everyday nightmare. Wearing away at your self-esteem and your self-confidence, redness can sometimes begin to feel like an overpowering problem that affects every part of our lives – from public speaking to socializing with friends. DermaChromatic is about more than jut helping to clear up redness – it’s about creating a real, lasting solution and helping sufferers get control over their lives again.

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