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Dr Miriam @ Galt Traditional Toy Range

Galt Toys, award-winning specialists in educational toys for our tiny people, are one of my favourite toy companies for a number of reasons.

  • They sell what I deem to be ‘proper toys’.
  • They have an enormous range to suit from birth up to around 10 years of age.
  • Parents and children can play and learn together, since every toy has an educational purpose.

When my son was first born, I nabbed him one of their award winning PlayNests and I have to admit I thought it was amazing. He would sit in it, sleep in it, and play nicely in it while I tackled the dishes. Since then, I have become addicted to their website and all it’s wonderful play ideas; so naturally, when I heard they were teaming up with Dr Miriam Stoppard for a new range, my ears pricked up.

The parenting guru, along with Galt’s hundred-plus years of educational expertise, has designed an exciting selection of 21 new toys, seven of which are wooden, seven are plastic, and seven are soft and squishy. There are a number of traditional favourites included, such as stacking rings, wooden building blocks, jigsaws and books with a few modernised additions. Although aimed at children up to one year, the toys could well last them far beyond that!

What makes this range so innovative is the little play guide that comes with each one, helping parents to encourage their child’s learning from that toy for their maximum benefit while still keeping it fun for them. Children have a number of developmental stages and these are split into about six different categories, but these toys promise to support almost all developmental milestones, including speech and language, dexterity and fine/gross motor skills, co-ordination, feelings and emotions and cognitive development.

Dr Miriam says:
“I’m a firm believer that parents are the best first teacher for their child, and this complete range of toys supports this belief. The team at Galt Toys have done a fantastic job at bringing my vision to life. The toys include wonderful shapes, colours and textures, and offer the perfect opportunity for parents to help develop important skills in their young children. My play guides give parents a helping hand if needed, but above all make play as fun and beneficial as it should be.”

Galt’s Managing Director John McDonnell added that he is delighted to be collaborating with Dr Stoppard, and that the range fits well with Galt’s ethos, “underlining the importance of play” and is indeed a natural progression for the Galt brand.

“The whole range has traditional elements to it which parents and grandparents will recognise, with some well thought through features which we believe will prove very popular.”

The range, with prices starting from as little as £4.99, is now available online on the Galt website and will be finding its way into stores later this month and will no doubt be an enormous hit. I love the bright colours and the sheer variety, and will be proudly sharing the benefits of this exciting range with my family and mummy-friends at playgroup! I want them all. The question is: which one should I buy my son first…?

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