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Eating Out Made Easy By The Purple Passport to New York City Restaurants

There are few people in this world who don’t enjoy eating out and this is because a good meal in a invigorating restaurant is such a treat. You don’t have to prepare anything or even do the washing up. You simply go somewhere nice and eat delicious food and enjoy the company. Well, this is the theory, but in reality when you visit a new city or even a new part of town, knowing where is good to eat is much more complex.

You don’t know about the history of the restaurant and what if it had recently been in the local newspaper for finding cockroach eggs in the gravy? It doesn’t bear thinking about! In most cases it is more of a case of whether you are going to be served a mediocre meal and wish you stayed at home, than finding livestock in the gravy, but none-the-less finding reliable new restaurants can be a hassle. But now, thanks to Purple Passport here is an easily accessible eBook that shows you exactly where to go for the best food available in New York City.

Screen shot of the Purple Passport The Purple Passport is a website that allows you to collect information about recommended restaurants, shops and popular sites and then download them to take with you abroad. There are also several eBooks available that you can download to your mobile phone, kindle device or Mac or PC. In this case the Purple Passport to New York City Restaurants is a compilation of 190 restaurants that have been recommended whether you are a local looking for something new or a visitor eager to try out the local cuisine. It is organised by neighbourhood and there are easily accessible maps to make the experience even simpler.

Personally, as soon as I’m given a guidebook my eyes start to glaze over and I have to pass it back mumbling ‘very interesting’ without an ounce of sincerity. But somehow the Purple Passport is a little different and you feel like you really have to try out their suggestions before you leave. Refreshingly, it isn’t just a collection of the restaurants with the highest price tags. There is everything from fine dining to exceptional burgers to secluded cellar restaurants. So, if you are only in the city for a limited amount of time, but want to make the most of it then simply download the eBook, flick to the neighbourhood you are in and trust in the recommendations, secure in the knowledge that you are sure to have a good time.

The eBook is available on Amazon’s kindle store in the US and the UK and considering the amount of information that is in there I think it is a very fair price. Even if you are not travelling to New York, I find this type of eBook to be inspirational, giving me something to save up for and look forward to. It could be a New Year’s resolution to travel more or to try new things. Personally, food is a big part of my life and as I’m sometimes a little lazy I need recommendations for new places to try, and this eBook is just handing it to me on a plate!

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