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Embracing Handmade Elegance with the New Murano Glass Collection from GlassOfVenice

Murano Glass

There is something about Venice that is truly captivating and inspiring and these qualities are captured perfectly in the Murano Glass that is available in shops across the city. The first time I visited Venice I walked around with my mouth and eyes wide-open, shocked by just how unusual the place is. In all honesty it looked like a film set and yet it has such a rich history that it is difficult to take it all in one visit. Anyone who has been there will understand the natural need to take a part of it back home and this is certainly reflected by the vast amount of souvenir shops throughout the city. When you see these sculpted pieces of glass you can’t help but pick them up and wonder how on earth they are made and how much time it must take to create even the smallest pendant.

MuranoGlassOfVenice produces authentic Murano glass pieces and now has a new Milleflori collection. It includes everything from tableware to tiny figurines and is such an inventive and fascinating collection if I could I’d buy the lot. The process behind each piece is as complicated as it looks and when you consider that each flower of colour was placed together by hand, it is a wonder they have the time to make so many.

The new line has been launched due to the recent partnership between GlassOfVenice and a Venetian family who specialise in creating Murano Glass using the traditional methods. There is something special about each piece of Murano Glass because it is hand crafted and so much time has been put into it. I bought a Murano watch when I was in Venice, determined to keep it for the rest of my life as a momento and ever since everyone has been fascinated by it. A neat line of glass flowers surrounds the clock face and when you look closely you can see that no two are the same.

MuranoPersonally I’m not a huge fan of objects that serve no purpose, like sculptures and figurines and instead I like my everyday objects to be special. The new collection is ideal for this, offering knives and forks with Murano handles, jewellery, vases and even candleholders. The whole collection is available to view and buy online, so you don’t even need to visit Venice anymore, although I’d greatly recommend it. Ideally I’d like to see the process in person, from the creation of the mosaic to the glass blowing, but for now I’ll be happy with my beautiful watch.

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