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Game of Thrones – Season 2 Bluray Boxset

Games of Thrones: Season 2

Released March 4th 2013

HBO have a strong catalogue of series they’ve released over the years. This includes Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Rome, Deadwood, and Band of Brothers (to name just a few). That is why there was little surprise that HBO decided to take on the Game of Thrones book series by George R. R Martin and make a TV show out of it. Again, HBO have shown that you can take something with niche appeal (Roman political intrigue, an ageing  balding and awkward man and, in this case, a little known fantasy series) and turn that into mass appeal. Seasons One and Two were both massive hits with audiences worldwide and now, the second series will soon be available for DVD purchase to get you ready for the third in April.

With the unexpected ending of Season One, there were many who worried about the follow-up. People questioned whether the show could maintain its quality with such a game-changing outcome. Well, it turns out, that people were not disappointed. The show continued its fine form throughout and kept up the high level of betrayal, surprise and death it had in the first season. If anyone thought the show might have eased or lost energy, they were 100% wrong.

What comes with your boxset. Click for full size image.

The plot itself still goes along at the same pace, which in the grand scheme of the show, is fairly slow. There is a reason for that though. There is so much going on that to try and speed things along would muddle everything up. Admittedly, it can be hard to keep track of all the characters as it is. A medieval type setting does lend itself to some people looking incredibly similar. The astonishing death rate doesn’t help either. As soon as you learn someone’s name their head is on a pike. That isn’t to its detriment though as it might be in other programmes. With Game of Thrones it keeps us firmly stuck in the show’s cut-throat world. No one is safe no matter how interesting the character is. They all die the same.

Tyrion Lannister returns in Season 2

The second season is a fine example of the ability to build tension over a long time. The various plots set up in the first are starting to come together, while what is hinted at in the first episode on the debut season starts to get fleshed out and brings a whole new aspect to the show. We also get to see some characters filled out a bit more who, although featured heavily in the first season, didn’t really get a chance to be shown in great depth. There is no drop in quality in this season and it flows perfectly on from the previous one. There is no doubt that anyone who enjoyed HBO’s first offering of Game of Thrones will love their second.

This DVD also comes with some great extra features. This includes the ability to recap on what’s actually been going on such as different characters’ claims to the throne and 19 animated histories. There’s also plenty of background information on the show for all those who are interested in every little detail that goes towards making Game of Thrones.

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