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Hugo Boss celebrates 20th anniversary with Hugo Red

Can you believe that the most familiar of aftershave brands, good old Hugo, has been around 20 years? To celebrate, Hugo are releasing a brand new men’s fragrance – Hugo Red. It’s promised to be a completely different take on the classic fragrance – so does it live up to the anniversary celebrations?

New inspiration

While typical fragrances usually have the top note – middle note – base note structure, Hugo Red is about kicking all of that to the kerb. Instead it’s inspired by the contrast between hot and cold metal – liquid heat versus the solid chill of icy steel. An unusual concept, for sure – and gives the fragrance a completely different feeling.

It definitely creates the effect it’s aiming for. Instead of punchy top notes that slowly give way to warmer undertones as they fade, Hugo Red has a two-tone contrast – with sharp, cold grapefruit and a slightly acrid hint of rhubarb – perfect for evoking the frozen edge of a steel blade. It’s followed by a hot blend of amber spice and cederwood that smells sensuous and lingering – more like the glow of a hot fire than molten metal. It’s got great staying power too, lingering on the skin for a full day.

A sexy new fragrance

The overall effect is different to most typical fragrances, in a kind of ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ way. The dual blend means the fragrance gets a personality of its own, as it varies over the day between the two contrasts. Both sides are memorable without becoming overwhelming – and it doesn’t leave you missing the typical three layer structure. With a blast of zestiness followed by warm, spicy notes – it creates a truly refreshing feeling. It’s the fragrance equivalent of a hot spring soak next to a freezing glacier – and feels sexy and grown up in one.

With bright red packaging in the classic Hugo mould – Hugo Red feels at once familiar and innovative. It’s perfectly timed for Valentines – just around the corner – whether as a gift for a special man, or the perfect scent to give you a seductive edge on Valentine’s night. Hugo Red is available in a range of sizes – from 40ml up to 175ml – plus you can have the Hugo Red experience all over, with shower gels, balms and deodorant sprays in the collection too. Prices start at just £20 (GBP), making it an affordable designer scent to try out, if you’re not too sure about it.

The right scent for you?

This is a scent that might not be for everyone – especially if you’re expecting that gradual transition that you find in more typical fragrances. If you’re looking for something familiar and reliable, then the classic Hugo scents are probably more appropriate. But the sharp contrast between the two notes brings surprise, personality and intrigue to the scent – a sexy twist to the stock men’s fragrance catalogue and a strong competitor to the usual bestsellers. As a 20th anniversary milestone marker – Hugo Red is going to be one of the most memorable scents of 2013.

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