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Julie Schoen: Stress Less Yoga

Stress Less Yoga
It seems to me that with every year that passes people are becoming more and more determined to accomplish their goals in life. Everywhere we look, in films, books and songs there are little reminders telling us to reach for our dreams and while in theory this is a positive thing, in reality ambition is usually accompanied by stress. People work a full week and then top it off with more work, domestic chores and anything else they can squeeze into the few hours remaining. So it is a natural result that all this ambition and hard work should end in high stress levels. Without any form of release it stands to reason that eventually all this stress will build up into some form of nervous breakdown or explosion.

Happy BackJulie Schoen has released an eBook that not only offers simple yoga sequences to reduce stress levels, but also explains why they work and the consequences that high stress levels can have. Stress Less Yoga is part of the Just Do Yoga series, published by Little Pearl Publishing and is just the right length to inform but not bore the reader. The other books in the series include Happy Back Yoga and Flat Tummy Yoga. The author, Julie Schoen, is a yoga instructor in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has put her experience to good use, instructing keen readers on how to maximise their potential with the help of yoga.

From the outset the book has a very natural and down-to-earth tone and would appeal to both experienced yogis and beginners. Julie explains that many people keep stress in their hips and shoulders and the poses and sequences are designed to open up these parts of the body, relieving any stress. Each pose has an explanation and photo, making it clear how to get in and out of the position. She emphasises that it is the combination of movement and controlled breathing that releases stress and calms the individual. There is a good balance of simple poses and more complex ones that require a little more flexibility and strength. The only thing that I would say is that because it covers only the basics people who are completely new to yoga should combine the book with yoga lessons, to ensure they move in the right way and avoid injury. This is something that comes with experience, but can be overlooked in shorter yoga tutorials and books.

Flat TummyOverall it was an interesting read and taught me some new sequences that I wouldn’t have put together on my own. It is best suited to people who have done some yoga, but haven’t built it into their daily regime yet. Although, if readers try out each sequence I’m sure they would quickly find time for daily yoga as the benefits can be felt immediately. In a world where stress is the norm and many people fight it with constant streams of new media that only serve to distract you, rather than relieve the stress, this eBook is very welcome.

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