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littlefox: the New Way to Get the Coolest Eco-Friendly Baby Bits

Are you one of the many parents who have tired themselves trying to find the best bits for your baby? littlefox has launched an innovative monthly subscription programme that might just be for you.

As a parent, I know all about the trouble we have getting the best things for our little one, and we even spend a fortune buying things, then buying better versions of them. I’m guilty of buying three play mats, two feeding chairs, two pushchairs and three baby carrying contraptions (one costing over $150). As far as little stuff goes, I have about seven different types of bib. One of the designs came highly recommended (a bandana-style drool collection bib) and I have to say, it was totally awful. It absorbed saliva…..but it was foam backed so my boy still ended up dripping wet all down his shirt.

littlefox is the company founded by two sisters, Christine and Laurie, who were fed up of spending hours researching, buying and trying new things for their children, only to find that all the raving and reviews claiming how great the items are was far-fetched in most cases. The principle is simple: littlefox would find the best of the best for moms and babies the world over, and the idea was born. They create what they call a ‘box of awesomeness’ for mothers to subscribe to and receive each month with some of the coolest and innovative baby products on offer.

The monthly subscription fee is $37.95, and products enclosed may be worth double that, making the box pretty amazing value for money. The packaging is made from recycled products and is itself fully recyclable. Each pack contains between three and five products suitable for children aged from birth to two years, which change each month to prevent duplication.

A concept test of their scheme was highly successful when conducted through their Facebook page in November of this year, with all the packs selling out very quickly. The pack included the following products:

  • FrancescaBaby Bandana Bib (the latest in bib fashion)
  • Glob paints pack of 4 with brush (which smell fruity when you paint with them!)
  • My Little Legs sailor anchor leg warmers (super cute)
  • Jellystone Pebble bangle (silicone teething bracelet)
  • Fluf messenger bag with ghetto blaster print(very stylish for mom)
  • Littlefox “Fox Cloud Raining Bunnies” limited edition t-shirt.

LittleFox MascotThe contents of December’s pack have been revealed, and if you subscribe before the 15th of the month, you can still get your hands on this month’s pack. Contents are:

  • A Tegu pocket pouch prism (a small magnetic toy)
  • A Little Green Pouch reusable food pouch (dishwasher safe and you can make your own purees for baby and have them easy to feed on the go!)
  • A Slubbed Jersey Aviator Hat by Coyuchi (keeps little ears warm through the winter)
  • A Sweetknee Hulababy Bar (organic gluten free baby snack)

…and of course a littlefox limited edition t-shirt with the ‘Brick littlefox’ design.

What makes littlefox so unique? All the products received in littlefox packages are not widely available on the market, and are eco-friendly while fun. There will also be an exclusive limited edition littlefox custom gift, such as an item of clothing (naturally made from organic fabrics) designed by their in-house three-part design team in each parcel. Ethically, littlefox are a good company, supporting small businesses where they can.  They also offer free postage with each pack.

It appears that littlefox have found a niche in the market. Sure, there are some other monthly subscription-style schemes about, but how many can say they offer fully recyclable packaging and organic eco-friendly products for such a value price? littlefox could be the new way to get the latest and greatest hidden treasures.

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