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New Biddulph Book Raising Girls is a “Call-To-Arms” For Parents

Children can be completely bewildering at times. If them changing in their early years, going from being tiny and not being able to communicate to becoming the cheeky little four-year-old that waves goodbye at the school gate, wasn’t a big enough challenge, they then fall into the giant pond of influence that comes from their teachers and peers.

Raising Boys was a huge success for Steve and sold copies worldwide

All kiddiewinkles are completely different. Some behave and study hard, some are cheeky, some get into fights, and others simply get drawn in to the strange ways of others. While some influences are good, others can be negative and, from a mother’s point of view, very VERY difficult to change.

Steve Biddulph, husband and father of two, believes he has the answer. His live talks around the world have reached 130,000 people and his first book ‘Raising Boys’ was an enormous success. Many people think that boys are the troublesome gender, and to some extent, this is correct. Males in the past have been the ones getting into trouble, causing fights, bullying and generally causing chaos. This is still sometimes true, but many parents now fear their daughters growing up. Think about it. Teen pregnancy is on the increase, girls getting involved in bullying and violent crime has increased, and it is prevailing that girls actually need a lot more moulding than they ever have from us mums and dads. We can blame the broken system, or we can act on it.

That’s where Steve’s new book comes into play: Raising Girls. He claims that in this day and age, girls need to be strong and able to “stand up for themselves and others”, while knowing they are loved. From building on their confidence and self-worth, this book also tackles some of the more difficult issues our children have to contend with, including eating disorders, body image, bullying, social media and managing it carefully, and the always difficult topic of relationships. He also covers depression and alcohol.

I am a firm believer that these things need to be tackled among our youth, especially since alcohol and drug use among young people is incredibly common.  Finally, someone has had the guts to take these subjects by the horns and address them like nobody ever has before. As a psychologist, Steve Biddulph has devised some strong methods and techniques to help us to protect our daughters from the terrible things out there while still allowing them the love and freedom they need to grow into confident young women.

Steve Biddulph

This book has been acclaimed as a call-to-arms for parents, calling for our support to change the world for our girls, and is certainly a must-have for mothers and fathers all over the world, whether you have a newborn princess, a cheeky pre-teen, a stroppy teenager or a school leaver preparing to embrace the world.

“Raising Girls” will be released on January 17th in the UK, and is already available in Australia. Canada, parts of Europe and New Zealand can expect to see it on shelves from February.

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