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New Errand Running Service for Mums

Working and juggling our home lives can be difficult sometimes. Before I had children, I often came home to make a relaxing cuppa after a long day at work to find I had expired milk, no sugar, and half a spoonful of coffee left. I’d end up grocery shopping late into the night, realising afterwards that I’d missed the dry cleaners and would have to wear the same suit to work the next day.
Now I have my son, this isn’t just an irregular occurrence, it happens to be most days. When I first got home with him after my caesarean section, I had to rely on family to do things for me. My mum was the only one who didn’t work and her help was a lifesaver, but I have so many friends who found themselves in a similar situation and had no family or friends who were able to offer them the support I took for granted and ended up having to struggle by on their own.

Errand Mamas WebsiteThankfully, this gap in the market has not gone unnoticed. Two entrepreneurs from Chicago North Shore have come up with their own fabulous solution for their area. Errand Mamas is the new ‘errand-running’ service aimed at new mums, working families, those recovering from illness, the elderly, and even businesses to run the errands they are unable to carry out for themselves.

Their services include, but are not limited to:

  • Doing your shopping for you, whether it be groceries or collecting your prescription
  • Transporting your pets, i.e. to veterinary or grooming appointments
  • Looking after your home when you take a holiday, such as opening and closing curtains, picking up the mail, or watering the plants and restocking your fridge ready for your return
  • Waiting home for your servicemen or deliveries to come (for example, plumbers, Christmas present deliveries, cable repair engineers)

How much will it set you back to engage their services? Prices start from $35 an hour, with a fuel surcharge outside of a five mile area. It may seem a little steep, but it is a service worth every penny to those who need it most, and comes with the added piece of mind that you have a little bit less on your already-loaded plate.

candoo conciergeWhile it is a less heard of service, they are not alone in their venture. Different companies operate in various localities across the world offering a similar service. CanDOO Concierge is one of these. They offer a more widespread service, not just to local clients, but to clients all over the UK, and even internationally in some cases. While taking on all your errand-running needs, they specialise in some of the more business-like requirements, such as Personal Assistant services and party planning.

A smaller service which is similar to that of Errand Mamas operates in South East Northumberland in the UK, called Girl Friday. Just like the Errand Mamas, she has children of her own and offers both errand management services and minor housekeeping jobs such as ironing or cleaning. She doesn’t have a website, but advertises in local papers in the area. Many similar services can be found via Gumtree in the UK.

Are these services really needed? Absolutely, in the right areas. Some of these service providers can be a touch expensive. For working families on a moderate income, the money will not be missed, and it will be more useful to them being able to relax knowing their errands have been taking care of. However, among families with young children or in less affluent areas, the services may be deemed an unnecessary expense.

All in all, these companies are listening to the needs of us working mums and working families, and picking up the slack so we can spend more time together and less time running round like headless chickens after cartons of milk and loaves of bread.

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