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Ni No Kuni and Two Other 2013 Releases to Look Out For

We are currently in a transition phase between the old generation of games consoles and the new. The Wii U has been released and gamers eagerly await the next offerings from Microsoft and Sony. Despite this, plenty of effort is still being made to create new games for the PC and legacy consoles. The question is, should they really be bothering? Let’s find out and take a look at a few of the choice offerings about to be released this year.

Ni No Kuni (PS3)
Release Date: 1 Feb 2013

The Ni No Kuni boxA Nintendo DS version has already been released, but the PS3 version will only become available in February of this year. What probably grabs attention the most about this game is that legendary film maker Studio Ghibli co-developed it. It has the usual Japanese RPG premise. Unfeasibly young character whisked away from normal life to a world of magic and adventure. Admittedly, no one has got bored of this, but as Ghibli is involved you do actually feel a bit excited about it. Gameplay seems fairly standard, but the addition of a physical book that you need to use alongside the virtual one adds a unique extension. Unsurprisingly, the graphics look incredible and it looks like it has all the hallmarks of being more than just another in a long line of RPGs. There’s the added bonus of having Ghibli’s composer Joe Hisaishi scoring the music which will do wonders for the game’s atmosphere. It looks like it has all the makings to be a classic (and definitely way better than every Final Fantasy game post X).

The Sims 3: University Life (PC)
Release date: 8 Mar 2013

Studying and drinking all from the pleasure of your computer desk

There is seemingly no end in sight for The Sims and the bits of normal life they bring into their universe. University is up next this time, because apparently people really want to relive studying and drinking heavily through the medium of a computer screen. I shudder to think about the number of people who will play this while actually at university itself. In the end though, these games are incredibly popular, so what does the latest have to offer? The ninth expansion to Sims 3 will allow you to do in-depth “courses” including running your own radio station as a Communications student. It will also, of course, cover the social side of higher education with parties and networking. It also adds extras areas to explore too. Essentially it is exactly what you’d expect from a Sims interpretation of university and that’s what fans of this series want. People who love Sims will absolutely love this and, in my mind, it stands out as one of the better expansions. If you’re not one of the converted though, it is unlikely this will change your mind.

Aliens: Colonial Marines (X-Box 360)
Release Date: 12 Feb 2013

For when only shooting aliens will do

The latest thing to spawned from the original 1986 film is Aliens: Colonial Marines. It might be hard to imagine exactly where else they can go with this franchise, but has that stopped game developers before? Of course not! Continuing to flog a whimpering horse, we have a standard FPS on our hands. There doesn’t seem to be anything new included in the game. It follows the same pattern as most average shooters. Get from point A to B and kill enemies and then hold a position and kill enemies. Nothing fancy at all here, but in the end that is sometimes what people want. It looks like it will play well and the graphics are fairly decent too. It certainly does the job and it doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. So, if you’re looking for a bit of distraction from your usual FPSs then this might be for you.

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