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No More Holiday Excuses with Shawna Kaminski’s Travelling Workouts

Holidays are commonly a time for relaxing and eating whatever you want. This is the case whether it is Christmas or a week in the sunshine. Even if you have good intentions at the start, to use the pool and make healthy meal choices, very quickly the excuses make an appearance and before you know it you’ve put on 5 lbs and your jeans are just a little too tight to sit down in. Well this is all about to change and any excuses you can possibly think of will be cast aside by Shawna Kaminski’s collection of travelling workouts.

Shawna is a well known personal trainer and her clients have certainly seen results, so don’t expect this book to contain a couple of ankle circles and the odd squat. These workouts are intense, designed to maintain or even improve your physique no matter where you are or what you are doing. Whether your work involves numerous stays in hotels or you find yourself surrounded by family at every holiday she has designed something for you. So, if you are the type of person to say ‘I’ll workout tomorrow, there’s no room here’, or ‘I don’t have the right equipment, I’ll workout when I’m back home’, then this is ideal.

In reality, the majority of people nowadays are not fitness obsessives and like a little privacy when they workout, because at the end of the day, red sweaty faces aren’t a good look for anyone. But Shawna has got that covered too, so there really is no excuse not to work up a sweat. The book includes 10 workouts that use only bodyweight  and 10 workouts that can be done in a hotel with only the most basic of gym equipment. You simply print them out beforehand and follow the instructions. There is also an exercise library included that shows photos and descriptions of each movement.

Shawna is clearly the queen of casting excuses aside as she is a mother of two teenagers and has heard and experienced every excuse in the book. One look at her toned body is proof that excuses don’t last a second in her household. Anyone questioning her qualifications as a personal trainer will be quietened once they learn she has over 20 years experience and a bachelors degree in Kinesiology and Education. Reviews from both men and women who have used the book and tried the workouts are glowing. They state that they not only work up a good sweat, but also help relieve stress and increase confidence.  While it is nice to give up on healthy living and indulge yourself for a few days, everyone nearly always regrets it afterwards. Perhaps following the rule of everything in moderation and throwing excuses out the window would be better for everyone.

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