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J.W.Anderson X Topshop Collaboration

Just in time for London Fashion Week comes one of the best of Topshop’s designer collaborations – hitting shops and online on 15th February. In fact – this collection, entitled “Twisted Sisters”, is J.W. Anderson’s last collaboration with the High Street brand – and is [...] Read more »

promises after dark

Sadie Matthews’ Promises After Dark

When erotic fiction became popular, I was quick to dismiss it. Fifty Shades had some pretty terrible reviews didn’t it! For ages, I chose not to read them on the basis of ‘Why would I, Stephanie Ward, enthusiastic reader and harsh critic, want to waste [...] Read more »

Ice Age Art by Jill Cook

Jill Cook – Ice Age art: Arrival of the Modern Mind

Portentious music. Voice Over: “You’re in for the most extraordinary experience. Obviously, it’s amazing for me, a maker today, to see the work of, I think, contemporary minds of 40,000 years ago”. That’s Antony Gormley, introducing the exhibition at the British Museum that the book, [...] Read more »

Push The Sky Away

Push the Sky Away by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are a musical institution these days, this is especially true with Nick Cave himself. From The Birthday Party to Grinderman, he’s been staring at us with disdain and contempt since the early 80s. These days residents of Brighton scour [...] Read more »


Book Review: “Sleep Solutions”: Quiet Nights For You And Your Child: From Birth To Five Years by Rachel Waddilove

For many, just seeing the words ‘sleep’ and ‘solutions’ will provide some viagra canadian pharmacy emotional respite from the never ending tiredness many parents endeavour. A book that actually claims to have solutions to make your baby sleep during the night is as valuable and [...] Read more »


In Reply to 50 Shades of Grey: S.E.C.R.E.T by L. Marie. Adeline

Erotic fiction has always been a taboo subject that people read in secret and never admitted to in public, so when 50 Shades of Grey came out I was excited about the prospect of all this changing. Until I read it, that is. I’m not [...] Read more »


Rodial Bee Venom Range

We’re used to seeing ‘fake science’ in beauty products – fancy animated molecules and long complicated names are less impressive these days. The Rodial Bee Venom Range of beauty products, including a moisturiser, eye cream and serum, is intended to go against all that, with [...] Read more »


Latest Dieting Trend: The 2-Day Diet by Dr Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell

Like so many around me, I am constantly searching for a suitable way to lose weight. I have the added obstacle of breastfeeding at the moment and so must wait until my son will take cows’ milk, but that has not stopped me looking for [...] Read more »

"My Brother's Book"

Maurice Sendak – My Brother’s Book

Who stomped through your childhood, growling cantankerously, hiding, and sulking and being rowdy by turns? For me, the answer is some combination of either Fungus The Bogeyman, or Father Christmas as immortalised by Raymond Briggs; or a Wild Thing, imagined by Maurice Sendak. It’s funny, [...] Read more »

Foals Holy Fire

Foals – Holy Fire

I have been unsure about Foals since I became aware of them with the release of their single “Cassius” back in 2008. I enjoyed that, but I didn’t really like the band. As new singles have come and gone I’ve flitted between loving them and [...] Read more »

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