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I am a great lover of photographs and judging by the ridiculous amount of photos on Facebook, I’m not the only one. Rarely do we ever take a moment and think about why we are really taking them and just how much that image could affect future generations. The majority of us take photos to preserve a memory or a moment that is important to us, but when we’re gone and people look through our photos, what will they think? A picture can speak a thousand words, but when you want the facts and the story behind a picture what can you do? I’ve got diaries dating back to when I was 13 years old, so my descendants will have no problem finding out who I was, but if there was a fire or a theft they would all be gone and there is no back up to those diaries. While I do love the old traditional ways of pen and paper, there is a lot to be said for the everlasting storage capabilities of ‘the cloud’. is a new website that allows you to store your photos, stories and videos, share them with family and friends and save your legacy for generations to see. It is an ideal way to save your life story without the fear of losing the record. It is important to know who you are and learning where you have come from is a major step. I would jump at the chance to learn more about my Great-Grandmother’s life and loves, but for me that is impossible, besides the odd fact I pick up along the way. One of the great features that offers is talking photos. You add a photo and record an audio file about the story behind the image. When you listen to some of the examples on the website you can get a taste of just how heart-warming these talking photos are. So you can imagine how emotional it would be to hear such a story from your own ancestor.

There are two account choices. The Shoebox, which is a free basic account and includes 5 talking photos, 1 album and unlimited legacy stories, amongst other allowances. For a $295 lifetime payment (or $97 a year/$9.99 a month) this is increased to 250 talking photos and unlimited albums. For those with the full account the option to link the Legacy Stories to a family history search is available, so you really can compile a thorough family history. was founded by Tom Cormier and Dennis Stack and from their About Us page it is clear that everyone involved is devoted to ensuring that our stories are preserved for future generations. Even the FAQ’s are very honest, making it a likeable company.

Overall, whether you choose the Shoebox account or the full version the site is a really effective way to store memories to share with friends and future family members. It is effectively social networking for personal histories.

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