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Rodial Bee Venom Range

We’re used to seeing ‘fake science’ in beauty products – fancy animated molecules and long complicated names are less impressive these days. The Rodial Bee Venom Range of beauty products, including a moisturiser, eye cream and serum, is intended to go against all that, with some genuinely innovative stuff. Using real bee venom to depuff, plump and tone skin, this range has already garnered a host of high profile fans and just hit the shelves last week, exclusively in Selfridges stores, and online.

How does it work?

If you’ve ever been stung by a bee, you may be questioning what an earth it’s doing in a premium beauty product. In fact, a bee sting to your skin boosts blood circulation, and increases the production of collagen and elastin – both needed to give your skin that youthful, smooth and plump feeling. It also helps the skin bounce back naturally into shape, reducing wrinkles, and relaxing the muscles around it. Kind of like nature’s own Botox.

The bee venom is collected from real live bees – without harming them, thankfully! The eye cream boasts a host of other special ingredients to revitalise and revive tired, worn out eyes. This includes cyclopeptide-5 – to smooth delicate skin, and Haloxyl – a chemical that reputedly reduces dark circles around eyes – for a brighter, more alert look.

The next anti-aging fad?

Rodial Bee Venom Eye

Like Rodial’s eye cream, the moisturiser also has a ton of special ingredients, including the sci-fi sounding Proturon and Juvinity – Proturon gives the benefit of a 3D plumping and hydrating action, while Juvinity boosts cell production. With a unique combination of plant extracts and stem cells. The Been Venom range should improve skin tone and density, giving you a brighter, firmer look overall. The Super Serum meanwhile, is a luxurious special treatment that is designed to illuminate your skin, and give back a radiant glow.

Beyond the hype

Rodial Bee Venom MoisturiserWhile the complicated science behind the product might sound off-putting to some, Rodial’s background in clinically testing a wide range of natural ingredients has won them a devoted band of followers, including many hot celebs. With a philosophy that combines scientific research and rigorous dermatological testing – plus some pretty impressive recommendations from dermatologists and plastic surgeons around the country – Rodial’s Bee Venom range looks set to be a little more than just bluster.

A hefty price tag (£115 for a 25ml pot of eye cream) means not everyone will like this, but with such convincing credentials behind it, the range is pretty irresistible. With it’s cheerful yellow packaging and substantial heavy weight glass bottle, it would make an ideal gift for mums, especially in the run up to Mother’s Day.

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