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Sadie Matthews’ Promises After Dark

When erotic fiction became popular, I was quick to dismiss it. Fifty Shades had some pretty terrible reviews didn’t it! For ages, I chose not to read them on the basis of ‘Why would I, Stephanie Ward, enthusiastic reader and harsh critic, want to waste my time with this tripe?’, but eventually I backed down. And you know what, I actually found the stories very magnetising. My mum had warned me that it was a bit like the Twilight saga (well, it would be, since Fifty Shades was allegedly originally Twilight fan fiction) and that I would feel compelled to read it as I would be waiting for the good bit to happen.

The ‘Fifty Shades’ trilogy is where the erotic fiction trend began, and what started off my enthusiasm.

Initially I believed her, but as the story developed, I grew to enjoy the story, and found myself excited at the prospect that love could really be like that. It was slightly repetitive on the adjectives, and the sexual scenes ended up being rather similar causing me to end up skim-reading them towards the end, but I was completely wrapped up in the storyline through to the end. Of course, love is not normally like that, it can’t be, it is a book… but it did lead me to read other erotic fiction such as the Crossfire books and now the ‘After Dark‘ series.

Sadie Matthews, whom the internet knows very little about, brings us the After Dark trilogy. The married author from London has written several other books under aliases, but this is the first of her books to explore the more intimate side of relationships, and has thus far received dazzling reviews, claiming it to be a much better read than some of the competitors.

Preceded by ‘Fire After Dark’ and ‘Secrets After Dark’, Promises After Dark is the latest instalment, further exploring the now fractured relationship of Beth and Dominic. The series follows the precedent set by so many others. Girl spots Boy, Girl is totally taken by Boy, Boy has a fabulous job and a bizarre sexual appetite. What makes the After Dark collection different is that the female character is one that can be easily identified with by so many more women, making the story that little bit more true-to-life. She’s not as ballsy as Eva, but certainly has more of a spine than Ana Steele ever did!

At the end of the last book, we were left hanging as Beth parted ways with Dominic and their intense relationship filled with attraction, lust and intense sexual feelings. He didn’t even look back as she left. But, in the way that Ana returns to Christian, and Eva returns to Gideon, Beth too will find her way back into the arms of Dominic. I cannot see the story going any other way. The question is: What will it take for them to get back together? Anna has stirred up trouble in Secrets After Dark, that much is true, and Beth hasn’t done herself any favours either. But that little box, possibly holding a ring, will he present it to Beth, or will it simply be forgotten? All will be revealed when the book releases on the 28th February! I myself am waiting with baited breath to know how their relationship will turn out. These things don’t have sad endings after all. I just hope it isn’t the traditional ‘kiss, make up, happily ever after’ routine.

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