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Wolf Magazine To Launch December 12


Fashion magazines all seem a little repetitive these days – with the same glossy images staring back at you, there’s little to inspire you. The super slick editorials and the hyper-polished look all feels tired and dated – everything just looks a little too commercial.

So it’s great to see a groundbreaking new magazine take on the fashion industry with a fresh look that takes fashion and photography back to its raw roots. Wolf Magazine launches on December 12th, and brings an exciting new voice to the saturated glut of fashion magazines – by turning to the normally unseen face of photography. Wolf reveals and celebrates the raw photographic image – gritty, unadulterated and unapologetically real.

Wolf Magazine Issue 0The opening issue of Wolf launches with a visionary collaboration between photographers, artists and designers, that sets the tone for future issues. Editor-in-Chief, Jarred Land, the President of the RED Digital Cinema Camera Company, and a noted photographer himself, sets out the magazine’s agenda – to establish ‘a new tone of visual expression, one that’s authentic, organic, raw and unfiltered.’

The first collaboration sees the photographer’s work merge with that of the designer, Wolf Magazine’s Fashion Editor, deBranne Treu. What results is sometimes disquieting, sometimes unnerving, but always memorable, exciting and challenging, as the images encourage both fashion and art lovers to re-examine how we have come to understand photography.

Instead of presenting an image that has been retouched beyond any resemblance to the real world, these images, and future work to be featured in Wolf, present a view of reality that is often brushed away. Experimentation and mistakes sit side by side to give a new authenticity to the world of fashion photography – a revolutionary first for an industry that often prides itself on its relentless pursuit of perfection.

The visionaries behind Wolf Magazine know that audiences are tired of being sold to. Fashionistas love great fashion – to excite and inspire new ideas and dreams – and Wolf’s manifesto aims to give designers free rein to revitalize creative expression. Showcasing both still and motion imagery, the magazine creates a multimedia platform for artists to build bridges across disciplines, bend existing rules, or do away with them entirely.

Though Wolf magazine has a raw and gritty style, it’s not to say that Wolf is shunning technology. The magazine website features sneak peeks of some of the great collaborations behind the first issue – with videos featuring everything from the gritty, urban party scene to twisted modern fairytales. It’s great to see that Wolf Magazine embraces technology as a platform for artistic expression, rather than homogenizing content to the same old editorial content. Wolf is definitely going to be the place to discover the next new talent, in art, film and fashion.

While online magazines are all too common –they often become an easy shortcut for sloppy editing and poorly produced content. But with a slick, glossy print version of the magazine available too, the team behind the magazine are committed to creating something that is memorable and lasting. Wolf Magazine – in print, is destined to be a luxurious read you’ll want to savour – with beautiful images and crisp, glossy paper, this isn’t a disposable magazine for your tea break, but something you’ll truly enjoy and keep alongside your favourite coffee table reads.

If you’re interested in subscribing to the physical product, then make sure you do so before January 1 2013 and you’ll get “ISSUE 0″ thrown in with you usual yearly run of 4 issues. While a $100 yearly subscription may seem pricey, Wolf is no ordinary magazine – with each issue set to be a classic in the making.

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